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It is a branch of applied decorative art.

Jewelery includes small liturgical articles, miniature plastics of precious and non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin, titanium) or their alloys, and precious and semi-precious stones (amethyst, beryl, diamond, chalcedony, zircon, granite, , opal, pyropa, rutile, sphalerite, spodumen, topaz). Ivory, pearls, amber, coral, leather, plastic, and other natural and synthetic materials are also widely used in jewelry.

The techniques of handicrafts are used in forging -  casting, carving, granulating, filigree and mechanical methods - stamping, pressing, rolling. Blackening, etching, oxidation, enamelling are used in the production. The surface of jewelry is polished, sanded and punctured. They are decorated with inlays and carvings.

It has a decorative, social, symbolic function.