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A branch of fine art in which the artistic image is created with color and color - by means of artistic expression. Colorite is a combination of colors that predominate in a painting. It can be warm or cold, light, dark, and so on. The most important means of expression is color - it performs pictorial expressive and decorative functions. Other means of artistic expression are used for the painting: shading, stroke, texture. Stroke - a trace of paint on the surface of the painting. Texture is the surface of a work of art.

Traditionally, painting is divided into an easel and a monumental paintings.

An easel paintings are relatively small-format paintings, in other words, everything painted on easels. A thumbnail is a painting that is painted on an extremely small format. It can be painted in watercolor, tempera, varnish on paper, canvas, wood, metal, porcelain, bone.

Monumental paintings are works related to architecture. Monumental paintings include frescoes, mosaics and stained glass, freska, mosaic,

stained glass.

Genres of painting can be religious, mythological, historical, domestic, nude, portrait, landscape, interior, exterior.

Painting techniques can be watercolor, oil technique, gouache, pastel or  tempera.