Algimantas Rėklaitis "Apples and Ashberries"

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2015. Oil on canvas, 67x48 cm


“Every painter has a favorite theme, mine is nature”, says the artist. And indeed, he paints spectacular views of different seasons.

“I am a nature person”, says Algimantas. “I was born in a small town, by the river of Nemunas and still like to ride a bike around my town through the meadows and hills with my grandson. What a beauty of nature!”  

A. Rėklaitis paints mainly from nature - landscapes and plants - in every season, even in winter when it’s very cold. Trees, birds, flowers in the paintings have dramatic, even chaotic or very calm and still expression. The flow of time is frozen in every stomp of his brush.  

(Vytautas V. Stanionis. The Art of Alytus, “Alytus”, 2008).