Daiva Staškevičienė "Fortune-teller"

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Daiva Staškevičienė "Fortune-teller", 2005

Etching, 23x20 cm



Daiva Staškevičienė was born in 1968. In 1993-1995 she studied at Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis art school. 1995 she started to study scenography in Vilnius academy of arts, but after a year and half she changed her mind - she started to study graphics. So in 2002 she got a master degree in the field of graphics. At the same time she became a member of Lithuanian Artists Association. The artist creates engravings, posters, small graphic works, sketches, paintings, book illustrations. You can find a lot of metaphors and symbolism in D. Staškevičienė artworks.

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